Migrating to the cloud? Expanding your use? Take charge of the risks before they turn into breaches. 

More and more companies are migrating to or expanding their use of cloud-based environments. Although the benefits are large, so are the risks. Have you taken the necessary steps to protect your organisation's critical assets? Do you know where your weak links are? Is your organisation compliant with your country's cloud regulations and standards? Are you sure your APIs are secure? Below are some common security problems affecting nearly all organisations cloud security posture.

Common Issues Affecting Security Posture



Lack of regulatory or industry standards compliance



Lack of cybersecurity resources



Lack of insight about security weaknesses or threats



Poor access or patch management

Assess, Understand, Transform and Monitor your Cloud Security Strategy

From a cost, maintenance and deployment standpoint, the cloud can deliver applications and data to help your organisation move faster and be more competitive. Recent COVID-19 work from home restrictions has proved that organisations with cloud capabilities were able to maintain business continuity more easily. 

However, this "anywhere - anytime" access to applications and data can also cause organisational challenges in terms of regulatory compliance, data and privacy governance, security controls strategy, adversarial threat analysis, and more. Digital14 can help your organisation break through these complexities, helping you mitigate business risks.


Cloud Risk Assessment & Management

Compliance failures can lead to brand and reputational damages, fines, lawsuits, and more. Digital14 leverages industry best practices and relevant cloud security standards to ensure your cloud risks are mitigated. We provide detailed assessments that include review of all people, process and technology aspects.

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Cloud Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

It is important to detect any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your cloud environment before they turn into data breaches. We use an agile methodology that combines vulnerability assessments, continuous improvement, and response to advance your cyber defence at a speed and finesse unmatched. 


Cloud Incident Response

Organisations must ensure they have a comprehensive incident response plan for their cloud use. Digital14 can help you develop standard procedures for responding to incidents as well as a recovery plan to ensure you are ready to address incidents rapidly and confidently.


Cloud Strategy, Migration & Modernisation 

We support organisations as they migrate to the cloud. We begin by building out your cloud strategy and road-map. Digital14 can provide you the required assurance around your cloud deployment and provide 24/7 operational support in your migration journey.


Cloud Security Operations 

Digital14 can help manage and monitor the security alerts from your cloud solutions. Our 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center can collect, analyse, investigate, and respond to the information being generated from the security controls within your cloud environment. We employ a blended approach that encompasses the best of machine-enabled human analytics, automation, and orchestrated incident detection & response to protect and defend our clients.

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Cloud security is critical for your organisation because threat actors are preying on businesses increased reliance on the cloud, and the various weaknesses found in the digital platforms available today. Technology has become the main target for cybercriminals.

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