How resilient is your OT environment against cyber attacks?

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Our OT cybersecurity assessment is a quick, immediate gauge into your cybersecurity readiness across your talent, skill sets, policies, governance and security controls. Assess and plan to better safeguard your operational technology (OT) systems.

of respondents surveyed stated that operational technology (OT) cybersecurity is a high priority. 1

of companies surveyed consider an attack on their OT/ICS infrastructure likely.1


Key Security Questions around your Operational Technology


Accountability​: Do you have a leader who is accountable for OT Security?


Risk​: What is your organisation's risk exposure and acceptable threat level?


Architecture​: Has your organisation verified its OT / ICS environment is air gapped from the Internet?


Access​: Is remote access to your OT environment enabled? If yes, how is it protected and monitored?

data breach

Compromise​: Does your organisation know the potential impact of a compromise? It is prepared for a breach?


Best Practices​: Does your organisation perform in-depth assessments and apply best practices / controls?

1The State of Industrial Cybersecurity 2019 - Kaspersky