Secure your OT environment before it leads to devastating business disruptions and financial losses.

Along OT efficiency gains comes a sharp rise in cyber risk. These previously “air-gapped” systems that were once fully isolated from the Internet are now connected to it, exposing its broad attack surface to new cyber risks. OT is complex, and requires extensive domain knowledge and looking at multiple sector specific standards.

OT is the new battleground: critical targets, high value impact, low maturity. A fertile breeding ground for attackers and a challenging area for entities.

$6.53 million

average cost of OT breaches in UAE and KSA*

$12.8 million 

average cost of OT breaches in the oil and gas industry*


$11.5 million

average cost of OT breaches in the power industry*

Sumit Dhar discusses OT threats during IDC Government Congress OT webinar


*Source: Frost & Sullivan; IBM Security report August 2020