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  • Statistically, the Middle East is the top region for malicious cyber-attacks.
  • Threat actors, on average, are undetected for 375 days in networks. 
  • Middle East malicious data breach attacks 7% higher than global average.
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The maturity model assesses an organisation's cybersecurity capabilities across several dimensions



Organisation/Talent. Is there a CISO? To whom does that person report? How large is the security team? Security operations team? What areas of expertise do they focus on? Does the organisation conduct cybersecurity awareness training? How often? What does the training cover?


Policies and processes. Are the policies, architecture and roadmap defined for the critical elements of the organisation? Is there an incident response policy? What does it contain? How often is it tested? Does the organisation utilise threat intelligence or brand monitoring?


Technology. What technologies are currently in place or on the organisation's roadmap? Are they appropriate for the organisation's size, sector and business goals? Does the organisation have a dedicated security operations team? What technologies do they employ?