xen1thLabs Crypto Challenge 2020

July 19th - 26th 

In conjunction with HITB Lockdown002  happening later this month on 25 - 26 July, Digital14 is proud to bring you our inaugural xen1thLabs Crypto Challenge! Featuring six puzzles of varying levels of difficulty for all security pros, pen testers, and crypto enthusiasts to put their math hats on! 

Challenge Starts:          19 July @ 09:00 GMT +8
Submission Deadline:  26 July @ 23:59 GMT  +8


              • Fastest correct submissions (challenges 1,2,4 and 5):        USD 50 Amazon Gift Voucher
              • Most elegant submissions (challenges 3 and 6):                USD 100 Amazon Gift Voucher
              • Fastest to submit ALL challenges correctly:                         USD 500 Amazon Gift Voucher


In conjunction with

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Contest starts 

Once registered - you will be notified once the challenges are launched. All challenges will be available for download on 19th of July @ 09:00 GMT +4. 

Solve the challenges

Most of the challenges have multiple paths to success - you can solve them in any order you like! Remember, some of the challenges reward the most elegant - not always the fastest - solution. 

Submit your solutions

All solutions must be submitted via this form by 23:59 GMT +8 on July 26th 2020. Our panel of judges will review each submission and a final list of winners will be announced here as well as notified via email on the 31st of July. 

Register Here